Month: November 2016

1st Friday December

Hear former FBI special agent Frank Montoya address issues and challenges facing law enforcement in our state at the Richland Police Department on December 2 at noon.

Enjoy lunch with fellow alumni and guests while supporting the 2016 LTC program.

Please RSVP ($15 for alumni, $20 for all others; pay at the door).

Additional details and registration


Class XXII members are busy gaining practical experience and applied knowledge in leadership, project management, connecting with the right groups & leaders, interpersonal communication, the importance of diversity, and creative problem solving.

  • Jeremy Asmus
  • Frank Calapristi
  • Steve Christensen
  • Patrick Conrad
  • Charity Cree
  • Shayne Eyre
  • Marilyn Foxall
  • Cindy Fredrickson
  • Tawni Gama
  • Jennifer Harper
  • Delina Hottell
  • Caren Johnson
  • Jeff Johnson
  • Guy Jones
  • Heather Lee
  • Tyler MacDonald
  • David Milne
  • Victor Scarano
  • Ben Sappington
  • Anne Spillman
  • Eileen Tanner
  • Christopher Wagar
  • Brent Williams